Developed with by Louis T.

This is the API server for ThePasteBin; documentation can be found here.

This service is currently in BETA; If you would like the opportunity to help test and develop this API please feel free to contact us!

API Sandbox

Tools (1)

  1. thepb-cli - Command line application for Linux, Mac, Windows.
  2. thepb-sdk - The software development kit for Node.js applications, used in thepb-cli.
  3. atom-thepastebin - A package for the Atom editor.

Example Usage [Sandbox]

  1. npm install -g thepb-cli
  2. thepb-cli --help
  3. thepb-cli --setup 73efd6bd-6ea4-44bd-0000-000000000000 --server
  4. thepb-cli --status

Sandbox Development Key (2)


  1. More to come, see:
  2. Only works with the API Sandbox server.